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Sr Developer

Fort Worth, TX · Information Technology
Job Description

In the capacity of Senior Applications Developer, resource will design, test, maintain and customize Airport Operation applications. Job duties include but are not limited to the following:

o Perform Technical Design, Develop, Modification and Implementation of Airport Operations Web Applications using existing and emerging JAVA/J2EE technologies.
o Participate in all life cycle of service delivery using REST and SOAP based Services.
o Develop and modified complex, high-end, mission critical highly scalable, authentication-based computer programs requiring high degree of availability, security and computation.
o Develop and Exposed new REST Endpoints for Same Day Flight Change by using Spring MVC Framework, integrated with Provider Web Services using Spring Integration.
o Improve Performance significantly for Reservation List Retrieval by implementing Async Parallel communication using Router and Aggregator Enterprise Integration Pattern with Queue Channel using Spring Integration Module.
o Implement Multi Channel Merchandising Service from Scratch as RESTful Micro service and its Backend-For-FrondEnd using J2EE, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Technologies.
o Develope and Expose REST Specifications using Swagger2 API
o Develope JWT Token Based Authentication Provider Service and exposed Spring Boot Auto Configuration Enabled MAVEN reusable library.
o Implemente CorrelationID using Spring Cloud Sleuth Module in order to trace the transaction uniquely.
o Integrated with Spring Cloud Eureka Server for service registry and discovery.
o Implement Config Server to manage profile based config properties and integrated it with micro services to retrieve configuration from the server.
o Significantly Reduced Cost and improved the response time for catalog offers retrieval by Implementing Distributed cache Redis using IBM’s Compose for Redis Service and integrated with Service using Jedis Redis Client API.
o Perform DevOps work as Jenkin Pipeline for Continuous Integration and Delivery to automate the Project Build, Integration Test, Release and Deployment Process.
o Participate in Code Reviews, Design Reviews, UX Design Reviews and Integration Architecture Reviews
o Participate in meetings with ETDS Team, Common Service Team as Consumer of their respective SOAP based services and integrated with their services.
o Significantly Reduced Manual Testing by Implementing Unit Tests using Junits and Mockito, Integration Test using RestAssured API and End to End Testing using Serenity BDD(Behaviour Driven Development).
o Follow Extreme Programming Practices such as Pair Programming, Continuous Rotation, Test Driven Development (TDD) for Implementation of all the Cloud Based Micro Services.
o Perform tests data set up in Sabre Host using Sabre Commands.
o Paired Program and developed logic in Android Studio for Bags Module to Check eligibility, offers and fulfilment for prepaid bags in Android App.
o Paired Program and developed logic in XCode 9 using Swift 4 for Baggage Eligibility
o Module to check Bag’s Purchase Eligibility in iOS App
o Follow Kanban Model, Design Thinking and Garage Method in FLY initiative throughout the Software Development Life Cycle in Cloud
o Follow Agile Methodologies for Software Development Life Cycle in MWS.

In order to qualify for this position, the Candidate must have a minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, business or a related field and several years of experience in the above position including experience with the following:
o Experience developing custom widgets with flexibility and reusability in mind
o Experience with integrating Maps in a UI
o Experience shipping applications through Apple and Google app stores
o Experience in XHTML/HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML and other web technologies
o Experience with source control (SVN, Git)
o Knowledge of HTML5/CSS 3 and integration within a native app
Knowledge of SOA, Web Services methodologies using REST or SOAP based API’s.

Position has the ability to convert. Looking for 6+ years of java fullstack experience
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